November or December, 1998 – Between Dayton & Conroe, Texas – Around Midnight



This incident occurred only about 25 miles north-northwest of a similar encounter (Cash-Landrum UFO incident) that happened on December 29, 1980 near Huffman, Texas. Both of these locations are shown on the map.

Description: It is very difficult to talk about this. I have never told anyone. I tried to convince myself that it was a dream, but to this day I still can’t forget it. It was early in the morning around midnight. I don’t remember the exact month, but it seams like November or December in 1998. I was headed from Dayton, Texas to Conroe, Texas. I can’t even remember if I was on Highway 105 or Highway 1485. I have a hard time remembering exact details and I know that is what you need. I was driving an 18 wheeler for Schneider Trucking. I stopped and got a 6 pack of beer to drink before they stopped selling it at midnight. Anyway there were no vehicles on the road at that time when I saw this bright light in the middle of the road. It stopped me from going any further. I got out to get a closer look, but it was too hot to get close. There was a car that had came from the opposite direction and barely got by before the UFO landed. It was almost like it was after them (two middle aged women stepped out the one told me that they had a similar encounter and that they got sick real bad and one had gotten cancer and believed that it was from their first sighting). None of us were able to look at it. It was so bright anyway. It just took off and left a burnt circle in the middle of the road. I don’t know if the women reported it, but I hope that they did. I didn’t stick around because I didn’t want to lose my commercial driver’s license due to the beer. I drove straight over where it landed and kept going and never said nothing until today. It doesn’t really matter if you believe me. I just needed to tell someone and you know when you talk about a sighting everyone thinks your nuts. Thank you for at least reading my account. I feel better and keep up the good work. I have been a believer since that day.

Additional Information Provided in Response to Investigator Questions: No, my sighting was in 1998 and these women never gave me their names only that they were returning from the hospital in Houston and that it was their second sighting and they believed that from the first sighting that they both had suffered from radiation. I know about the Landrum case, but I don’t know if it was them or not because I think Betty died in 1998 and they would have reported it if it was them. I was hoping that whoever these women were in November of 1998 would have reported it so I didn’t think I imagined this encounter, but I know it had to happen my face and chest are permanently red from it since then.

Witness Elaborates on Physical Effects of Encounter: I sent a picture of myself. I went to a dermatologist about my redness. It is just my face neck and only the part of my chest that was exposed from my shirt. Anyway I never had it before and hasn’t gone away. I have no history of rosacea or anything like it. Doctors don’t know what it is and the only thing I can think of is that bright light that night. I never experienced anything like it before or since and I guess if those women or anyone didn’t report it, then it must be in my mind and I can live with it. I wasn’t after attention or exposure. I just needed to know that someone else had seen it I won’t waste any more of your time. Thank you for replying.

Note: This encounter only happened 22 miles (northwest) of the 1980 Cash-Landrum incident. Was there a relationship between the cases despite the fact that they were 18 years apart? What about the 2 women who allegedly had a prior encounter that may have caused cancer? As the witness pointed out the women were not Vick Landrum or Betty Cash. Betty Cash died around that time. The object sighted by this witness sounds very similar to the 1980 Cash-Landrum incident. The light was very bright, hot and left a burned spot on the highway. The witness’s photo shows the redness from the burns. I don’t think that it is a sunburn because the burn is more prominent on his chest.

For more information on the Cash-Landrum incident I recommend this book: The Cash-Landrum UFO Incident, by John F. Schuessler and Bob Pratt (1998). Unfortunately the book is out of print so it is quite expensive. Most libraries probably have the book.

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7 Responses to November or December, 1998 – Between Dayton & Conroe, Texas – Around Midnight

  1. William Lewis says:

    My ideas about Alien or UFO and I have a little different. I think my comment will be a bit irrelevant. There are so many things in the world which are very unaccustomed to us. But it is going on continuously. Considering other animals in the world, I think people are very different. Other animals generally do not need any technology. But human needs technology to solve every day work. Even we are eager to go out of the world. I think people came as aliens in this world. And for the purpose of monitoring their activities, the Aliens come from outside planets regularly which is unknown to us.

  2. K. Homer says:

    I long ago saw something like a sword in the sky going from west sky to south when there was an uncle with me. I was too young maybe my age would be 14 or 15. I am 27 years old now. My experience gave me a different idea about the world. There are other wise animals or something exceptional anywhere in the world other than man which is out of our knowledge. Thank you for publishing this important blog.

  3. Terence Dedrick says:

    Howdy: I like this blog. I just wanted to say it

  4. ken storch says:

    I investigated the Cash/Landrum case with John Schuessler for the Unexplained TV series. I had the opportunity to visit with Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum for almost 6 hours. I found both of them to be honest hard working women with impeccable character. There is no doubt in my mind they that encountered something very strange that night. I have no reason to doubt this over the road trucker at this time.


    • Administrator says:

      Thanks, for your comments, Ken. I have a tendency to believe this guy. It is most interesting that his encounter was similar to what was described by the Cash-Landrum witnesses. The incident occurred only 22 miles (north-northwest) of the Cash-Landrum site.

  5. Lionel says:

    There are a lot of strange things going on in that part of southeast Texas. In today’s Houston Chronicle there was a story about three unrelated men who have disapeared in the area within a 10 month period.

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