Object Changing “Brightness” Flies North in Straight Line.

Location of Sighting: Spokane, Washington
Date of Sighting: September 5, 2016
Time of Sighting: 8:30 PM PDT

Description: I saw what looked like A satellite in flight, but it was much closer and faster than I am used to seeing. The object traveled north in a perfectly straight line. At one point it’s illumination got brighter then back to “normal” and steadied as it traveled north. Again it didn’t appear to be the same size or brightness of objects that my father taught me were satellites while growing up. This was definitely a lower altitude object. There was no trail behind the object and it made no noise. There were no flashing lights to suggest an airplane. As it traveled North it became bright again. It was brighter than anything I have seen before then went out of view or disappeared. The altitude was hard to determine, but if it were a “normal” satellite at normal altitude it would have been traveling five times the speed I am used to witnessing. It was not a shooting star as there was no streak behind. I am hoping someone else in Spokane saw this.

Note: The object fits the description of an iridium flare satellite. A check of iridium flare logs showed that an iridium flare satellite was visible in the Spokane area near the time of the sighting. However, the satellite was moving in a southerly direction which is the opposite direction of what the witness observed.

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