Object Like a Cage Made of Glass or Silver See-Thru Bars.

Location of Sighting: Lapwai, Idaho
Date of Sighting: October 20, 2018
Time of Sighting: 12:20 PM PST

Description: I was standing on my front porch on a beautiful bright sunshiny blue sky day. I was watching two eagles circling above as they rose higher and higher together. To my surprise, I noticed movement to my right of an object moving to my left in the sky. I immediately switched my attention to the object from the birds. I was stunned as the object was lower in the air, about a football length in the air. What was strange was that the object looked like a cage made of glass or silver like (see-through) bars. I ran in got my phone and tried to get a picture. Just as it went overhead and out of sight blocked by neighbor’s house. It was flying low. I checked my camera and just got a blue sky. I waited all this time as people don’t believe such things. I saw what I saw. The strange object tumbled silently in a straight line from South to North, a very slow tumbling action and became invisible during tumbling. I will attach video when I get it off my phone. The video has date and time to verify the incident.

Additional Comments From Witness: I forgot to specify the size of my sighting.  The object was about the size of a long school bus.  That is what comes to my mind for comparison.  The tumbling was toward the direction of travel.  

Note: A copy of the video has been requested. Updates will be posted.

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