Object Pointed at Front Emits Green Flames From Back.

Location of Sighting: Waldport, Oregon
Date of Sighting: September 3, 2016
Time of Sighting: 12 AM PDT

Description: I did not personally see this UFO, my parents did. I am just sending the news in for them since they don’t know how to do this very well. From what they said, along with the people who also saw the ship said it was HUGE with colored lights and green flames came from the back of it. It was high coming in fast from Paterson Beach of Waldport, OR to the bay where it then slowed down and hovered for a moment while heading north just before fading into nothing, like it slipped on an invisible shield? And they also said it had a sharp point at the front end of it, but still maintained a round perimeter. The folks on the beach got an even better view as they were walking on the beach not driving as my folks were. I hope they get their sitting in too! I was pretty freaking awesome.

Note: The commenter below found this story on PORTLAND, OR (KPTV):
A bright light streaked across the sky over Oregon and Washington late Friday night. According to the American Meteor Society website, there were more than 130 reported sightings. The website shows people from Medford, Oregon to Port Angeles, Washington reported seeing the fireball just before midnight. Given this story the object in the above sighting was likely a meteor.

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3 Responses to Object Pointed at Front Emits Green Flames From Back.

  1. Barbara G. says:

    If this sighting is what these people actually saw space going tourists is what this might be. The size, for one thing, ocean liners now are like floating cities that carry thousands of passengers. And, no one has ever reported being attacked on the ground. The ship appearing to disappear as if a cloaking device is used to protect the ship from attacks coming from the ground or military jets. I have read about other sightings on this site of large ships. The only thing that makes me wonder is the green flames coming out of the back that is new to me. The article didn’t mention hearing sounds of any kind.

    I know this sounds over the top about space going tourists, but none of us know what’s out there.

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