Object Size 2 Football With 10 Blinking White Lights.

Location of Sighting: Atlanta, Georgia
Date of Sighting: September 10, 2019
Time of Sighting: 7:45 PM EDT

Description: My girl friend and I live in Sandy Springs, GA. We were outside approximately September 10th, 730 – 7:45 PM, just before dusk. We saw an object flying southeast. It appeared to be in our atmosphere, but faint. We were unable to visibly make out it’s exact definition. But whatever it was, it was huge. We had our phones with us, but captivated by the sight, we didn’t record it. This what we saw. Its hard to describe, but here we go. It was larger than 2 football fields, had at least ten blinking white lights simultaneously, equally short distance from each other, formed in a straight line of the direction of flight (like from tip to nose). It was slow moving, gliding overhead. As it passed, we began to make out multiple (~20) red and blue lights blinking simultaneously, which formed triangle at the tail, another triangle midway/center on the left side and other the right.,/span. Sorry, my description is horrible. By the way we were not on any substance. We were totally sober. I highly doubt it’s ET. It is probably military. It was an incredible sight. Do you have any insight?

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