Object With Batman-Like Wings & Black Matte Finish.

Location of Sighting: Portland, Oregon
Date of Sighting: May 28 or 29, 2016
Time of Sighting: 1 to 2 PM PDT

Description: My wife and I saw something very similar to this while walking on Mt. Tabor.  It happened in that approximate month/year range, but ours was on a weekend, making it a different sighting than the author’s May 25th viewing which was a Wednesday.  

Spot-on similarities:  
*  Surfboard shape,
*  Batman-like wings,
*  Black matte finish
*  No sound as it passed overhead

*  What my wife and I saw moved from SW to NE in a straight line AFTER doing a dozen (or so) elliptical loops in the SW sky probably near the Cleveland High School area.  The loops are what brought my attention to the object as I wondered what bird would do that over and over?  After the loops, it went into a bee-line path from the SW and headed NE, in the direction of east Vancouver.
*  I believe our sighting was on a weekend.  We had just finished going to a garage sale near Mt. Tabor and those usually happen on a weekend.  Also, our son and daughter-in-law were in town from L.A. and they usually visited us over the weekend due to their work schedules.
*  Speed.  The reporter mentions the craft moving at the speed of a small airplane.  What we saw moved very fast.  I estimate it at 500+ mph.  It covered the distance from the loops to passing over the flank of Mt. Tabor in 8 to 10 seconds.  I attend lots of air shows due to a love of military aircraft, especially fighters, and this “Batman” craft we witnessed moved at a rate of speed similar to a fighter jet performing a high speed pass.  

P.S.  I went to Boeing Field in Seattle not long after this sighting while the Blue Angels were based there as part of Seattle’s SeaFair.  The airport had a “mini-air show” with static displays and vendors/booths hosted by private and military personnel.  I approached a booth dedicated to drone technology from the USAF.  I explained what I saw, sketched it, and asked if there was anything in their inventory which matched that.  He said no.  Now of course, if “secret” technology exists which he’s aware of, he wasn’t going to tell me, but my read on his response was he believed I saw something unusual and he had no explanation.
P.S.S.  The craft passed about 200 feet above the tallest point on Mt. Tabor (636 feet in elevation) AND I estimate it’s length at 6 to 8 feet.

Witness Response to Investigator Questions: This incident occurred approximately around 1 to2 PM.  I’m waiting to talk with my son in case he can pin down the exact dates. He was in Portland from LA in order to be a bit more precise.  I have wanted to share this (with MUFON or some such agency) for a long time, but never did UNTIL I read last night of the silhouette reported by the original post.  It’s a bit unnerving to read someone witnessing something so eerily similar to what I saw.  If it would help, I would be glad to speak with someone regarding this incident.  Is that sometimes done in the course of follow-up investigations? One other recollection I just remembered which makes this sighting even more bizarre; As the object was doing repeated loops in the distance (and I was wondering if it was a bird), it had the same speed ascending in it’s elliptical rotation as it did while descending.  I thought that was strange as you would expect a bird (or even a motored vehicle) to rise more slowly as it climbed versus when diving toward the ground.  Also, the loops were identical in shape.  They were the same height, width, arc, path followed, etc. I would sum up this experience as being very strange and unsettling.  Thanks for getting back to me!

Note: The witness is comparing his report to the sighting of a black oblong object with batman-like wings in Portland, OR on May 25, 2019.

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