Object With Circular Glow Lights Flashing Around It.

Location of Sighting: Templeton, Pennsylvania
Date of Sighting: April 20, 2020
Time of Sighting: 10:45 PM EDT


Description: There is a circular glow that appears near the same spot in the sky every so often. It will appear, and then suddenly it will just disappear. We don’t see it take off. It just disappears. When looking at it through a scope and high powered binoculars, you can seen lights flashing around it. The lights that we could see were yellow, blue, purple and red. It also appeared like there was an outline of a longer object that was in the shadows behind the glow. You cannot see this when zooming in on the object with an iPhone camera. I have a video attached of the actual glow that I took with my iPhone. The picture that I attached is a random picture that I altered myself to help explain what I saw with my own eyes when looking through binoculars.

Note: The object in the photo is likely Venus. The video is not shown as it doesn’t reveal anymore detail.

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  1. Kathie S. says:

    I saw same thing. I also took pictures. The time was 12:15 AM. I have an amazing picture of an object that streaked overhead while I was taking pictures. The streaks (there were 4) enlarged looked like pearls. The middle was pinkish/red. My camera caught the object and it just disappeared.

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