Object With Pulsating Red-Blue-Green-Yellow Lights in Circle.

Location of Sighting: Jacksonville, Florida
Date of Sighting: April 28, 2019
Time of Sighting: 9:45 PM EDT

Description: Last night I saw this object in the north sky over Jacksonville, FL. It had pulsating lights, red-blue-green-yellow in a circle around a white light center. I went and got my wife and we watched this thing ( for lack of a better term ) for about 30 minutes. It was BIGGER than the stars and MUCH BRIGHTER and was as stationary in the sky as the stars. The colored lights were very true in color. One time the colors seem to fade, but then returned to brightness. My wife went back inside and I continued to watch it. It eventually drifted behind a tree near our house as did the stars in that area. Altogether I watched it for about an hour. I’m at a loss as to explain what it was. I know what it wasn’t. It wasn’t a star, it wasn’t a plane or helicopter and it was much too big to be a satellite.

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2 Responses to Object With Pulsating Red-Blue-Green-Yellow Lights in Circle.

  1. DD says:

    I’ve been watching almost the same thing in the sky in Austin, Texas. I first noticed the pulsating red-blue-green-yellow lights in a circle in February 2022. Tonight (4/8/2022 we looked at it with a telescope and it looked like a pulsating disk/circle. The disk almost looked like an etch-a-sketch.

  2. Paul Shishis says:

    Thank you for this report. It is rare to hear of these distinct colors reported.

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