Object With Several Yellow Lights Chased by Large Airplanes.

Location of Sighting: Superior, Montana
Date of Sighting: November 29, 2016
Time of Sighting: 11:45 PM MST

Description: From Superior MT at approximately 11:45 PM I watched 2 very closely spaced yellow colored lights to the north move to the east until out of view behind the mountains. Two minutes later a large airplane with blinking lights on each wing and another plane with a single blinking red light appeared from where I lost view of the first object and passed straight overhead going southwest. About when they were overhead I noticed the same object I saw 2 minutes earlier directly in front of the large plane (2 miles at most). It appeared the 2 planes were either chasing or following the unknown object. I noticed the object had 3 to 5 yellow non-blinking lights as I was looking at it from directly below. I am hoping there is a logical explanation for what I just saw or someone else saw the same thing to confirm im not making this up.

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4 Responses to Object With Several Yellow Lights Chased by Large Airplanes.

  1. Barbara G. says:

    Because of the other planes seem to be following the object it could have been an experimental craft the larger planes were keeping track of. I don’t know how close the nearest Air Force base is, but that would be my guess.

    • Administrator says:

      This area is well outside of any military operations areas. The closest Air Force Base would Fairchild in Spokane. I seriously doubt that Fairchild would be conducting any maneuvers in this area.

      • John Terreo says:

        There is also Malmstrom AFB by Great Falls, MT. This is closer than Fairchild.

        • Administrator says:

          There are no military aircraft anymore at Malmstrom. The 2 F15’s from the Montana Air National Guard were moved to a base in the Southern U.S. A few years ago. Malmstrom was decommissioned as a base several years ago.

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