Bright Orange Fireball Flies Low at Slow Speed.

Location of Sighting: Albany, New York
Date of Sighting: October 11, 2016
Time of Sighting: 8:30 PM EDT

I was outside smoking a cigarette and looking up at the sky when a bright orange “fireball” slowly came overhead into view above the treeline. It was very low in the sky, maybe a hundred feet or so above the treeline. It was very bright and pulsed very slowly in and out. It moved slowly as it passed above me, and it’s speed seemed inconsistent. The object seemed to move ever so slightly slow as it passed directly above me. The object continued overhead and passed from me making a course correction and headed in a northwest direction. The Albany International Airport was in the direction that it was heading. I watched it until I finally lost sight of it over another treeline. I immediately went inside the house and phoned the airport. I talked to someone from airport operations and reported the sighting. I gave them the heads up so that they might pick the object up on radar. Two months earlier in late summer my mother had seen an object of the same description. Her encounter was at night, and was consistent with my own encounter; only that time the object was heading in the opposite direction: southeast.

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