Octagon Shaped Object With Many Rows of White Lights.

Location of Sighting: Pasco, Washington
Date of Sighting: March 23, 2017
Time of Sighting: 1 AM PDT

Description: I saw a large octagon in shaped object with bright white lights, many rows of lights. It kind of bounced up and down at ground level. All of a sudden there were these lights. They were on for about 3 to 4 minutes and then went off. Then about 10 minutes later just south of where the white bank of lights had been there were two sets of 5 blue 3 red 5 blue lights in a long row. I watched them for 5 minutes or so and then they were gone.

I will draw a layout of what myself and two other men I was with saw that night in March of 2017:
Myself and two other men were out on a re-po mission. I was driving a F-150 pick-up. One man was in the passenger seat and the other in the seat behind him. We had driven out to this farm where a tractor we were looking for was reported could be. The road was paved and on either side were wide open fields of dirt with a few patches of snow here and there. The road was straight then made a hard left with a small dip and at the dead end was a big gravel lot where many big farm tractors were parked for the winter. There were two rows and the sound end was where the house was located. I had turned around and was facing towards the the small dip and the corner in the road. I was on look out for anyone that might be driving in towards use. I had turned the truck off and had my window down about 3 inches or so, so I could hear if anyone were to walk towards the truck or hear a vehicle. The man in the front seat had turned around to talk to the other man about what they were going to do. All of a sudden the bank of light just turned on and were shining across this dirt field right at us. I hit the man next to me saying “there’s lights.” He asked if I saw brake lights or anything since they would of had to stop and turn sideways in the road that we had came in on to be facing us the way they were. We watched them for 3 or 4 minutes. The only thing they did was to bounce up and down like they were saying “oh s**t we got caught.” Then like a switch they were gone. I never heard any noises and only saw the lights that were facing us. The two men decided to hurry up and go look for the tractor. The one man and I had an open phone line so we could talk to each other if we needed to. They were gone about 5 minutes, when I saw the red and blue lights where the sharp corner was again at ground level. I quietly asked the one man if he could see the lights from where he was. His response was, there red and blue ones and they are not cop lights. I said no they are not. He then said they were on the way back to the truck. I could hear them walking on the gravel as they headed back yet never did I hear any kind of engine. I looked towards where they guys were coming from and when I looked back the lights were gone. Knowing I had to drive right by where we had seen the lights I put my fog lights and my high beams on to check the dirt where the sharp corner was. There was nothing that had disturbed the dirt or made any kind of marks in that wet field. I drove back out to Highway 395 which took about 10 minutes. No one said a word until we were on Highway 395 heading towards Pasco, WA. The man in the back seat never said a word until we got back to his house. I think it really scared him and he was looking at the floor the whole time after I first said “lights”. Thank you for your time.

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