October 11, 2014 – Hope-Princeton Highway, BC, Canada – 7 PM PDT



Description: Hi William: I have another photo for you. I took this photo on Saturday night at a place called Friday Summit elevation 4206 feet. This summit is on the Hope-Princeton Highway or #3 Highway about 114 miles east of Abbotsford British Columbia. I stopped here hoping to get some star photography in before the clouds obscured the stars . The time was around 7 PM so the sky was still blue when I took the photo. The direction I believe is north of my location and at this time there were no planes or satellites observed.

Second Report By Witness: William: There were no clouds where I took this photo and this object was so far out there it would have been so far above any clouds. The background is blue because the sky was not completely dark rather it was blue. I used my telephoto lens when I took this photo. This object was not in our atmosphere, but in space. If you want to say it is a cloud fine, but I know after all the photos that I have sent you that it isn’t.

Third Report by Witness: William: I don`t send frivolous photos. I only send them to you after I have studied them and think that they are unusual. I have taken so many photos both daylight and evening photos that I know what to look for. I have photographed high flying Bombers and Satellites at night and when I do they always leave a trail of lights because at night I am shooting in manual long exposure. Remember I have never said any of my photographs are alien craft, but MUFON has said some of my photos are of genuine UFO’s.

Note: An initial inspection of the photo would suggest a cloud, but the witness is a professional photographer and said that skies were clear. He also used a telephoto lens to take the photo and said that the mass was high in the atmosphere.

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