October 13, 2012 – Powell, Wyoming – 2:30 AM MDT

[map z=”5″ address=”231 West 6th Street, Powell, WY” w=”550″ h=”300″ marker=”yes” maptype=”HYBRID”]

Description: We were walking back from my friend’s house to my dorm room when we saw a white/grey light in front of us in the sky and it took off faster than I have ever seen anything move. We see weird things like this all the time. This is my fifth UFO sighting here. I feel like something else is happening here. There have been so many odd lights here that its beginning to make the citizens nervous.

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2 Responses to October 13, 2012 – Powell, Wyoming – 2:30 AM MDT

  1. Joan says:

    Joel, I have to chime in on agreement in perceiving the recent increase in UFO activity. I’m not hearing meteors described, nor have I been witnessing them.

    In addition to a rash of UFO sightings, I’ve been observing a rather alarming increase in aerial military actvity for some time now. This is obvious to all who live in this area, which has always been along airforce training routes. It feels uncomfortably like we are gearing up for war. Perhaps more folks are being trained in flight now than before, I don’t know.

    The question is, who are we preparing to fight? If there is a greater presence of UFOs, there may also be a greater presence of our own craft as a consequence. But the biggest threat still seems to come from the middle east and human nature, rather than from ET.

    If this increase is connected to rising UFO activity, one could speculate that we are arming against ET, or need to. But more likely to my mind is that ET is making its presence known in response to military activity, hopefully to act as a deterrent.

    In either case case there is a lot of stuff flying around in the sky right now. Not all of it of human origin is benign. Nor does all of it adhere to our known scientific principles. I expect that true UFOs have greatly exceeded the beloved 5% by now, an arbitrary number that we’ve lived with for far too long.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of apparent UFOs that may fall into the 95% by being known to a select few solving the equation. And these are not benign, as evidenced in their intent to remain concealed.

    All I can say is, if we have silent technology, let’s use it on a larger scale, OK? Because there is no place to escape the noise coming from our skies anymore. Living with squadrons of giant, roaring black helicoptors and jet planes flying over all day and all night can really get on your nerves. Especially if you can’t even escape them out in the wilderness.

    Thanks for letting me vent a bit. 🙂

  2. Joel Small says:

    It could be that we are having a spate of unusually heavy meteor activity this year, but I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who thinks that there is ‘way-much’ unusual aerial activity going on as of late, whatever this may entail.

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