October 14, 2012 – Cedar Rapids, Iowa – 11:29 PM CDT

[map z=”5″ address=”2000 Washington Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa” w=”550″ h=”300″ marker=”yes” maptype=”HYBRID”]

Description: I was sitting on my steps smoking a cigarette. My roommate’s car was in front of me and to my left facing me. I saw an orange reflection moving towards me from the windshield and onto the hood. (A car had recently driven by the neighborhood and at first I had just figured it was the reflection of the headlights.) After realizing that it was too orange and had only one globule (instead of two globules indicating the passing car’s headlights) I looked up and saw a very bright orange globule (almost like a fireball) passing overhead (from the west moving east). I am not really sure how to describe the size. It was obviously bigger than an airplane. It was underneath the clouds and moving faster than any plane I had ever seen. At first I had wondered if it was a satellite passing by, but realized that it was underneath the clouds. Secondly, I thought it could have been a meteorite, but it didn’t burn out like a normal “shooting star” would. It made no sound. I watched it head east, but it significantly slowed down a bit and kind of started veering to the right and left. It eventually turned red and slowly disappeared. This all happened in a matter of 20 seconds. It didn’t make any dramatic twists, loops or turns but, like I said, it slightly veered right to left as it disappeared into the distance , and I stress “slightly,” but significant enough to be mentioned. Obviously they were moves that couldn’t be done by a plane.

Also I had tried calling my roommate (right after it started turning red at approximately 11:29 PM as my cell phone “Dialed Calls” option indicates) to tell her to come outside and see it, but when she answered I couldn’t hear her and she couldn’t hear me. The light disappeared and I hung up. A few seconds later, I went inside and she claimed that when she answered all she could hear was ruffling and static, even though I had said, “Hey, are you there?”. (However, this had happened maybe half an hour earlier when she tried calling me (before the sighting), so it very well coincidentally could have been our cell phone provider.)

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