October 14, 2013 – Coconut Creek, Florida – 7:40 PM EDT



Description: On October 14, 2013 in the city of Coconut Creek, Florida at approximately, 19:40 hours my wife was sitting outside on our condo 3rd floor patio. I was in our living room on the couch watching NFL Monday Night Football (Colts versus Chargers). Our couch is next to our sliding glass door to the patio and the blinds were open, so I could see my wife was relaxing looking over the lake. While watching the game, my wife suddenly began banging on the sliding glass door. I looked over to her and she was motioning me to come outside. As I stepped outside she said ” what the Hell is that.. while point up!”. Thinking she meant maybe a bug or lizard on the ceiling of the patio, I said “where what.. are you talking about?” She then leaned over the railing and pointed to the sky. I walked to the railing and looked up in the sky very low approximately 400 feet in the sky were 2 extremely bright non-flashing green and red lights hovering over our lake. The night sky was very dark and the brightness of the lights were intense. I was in total amazement and there was absolutely no sound at all. I couldn’t see an outline of the craft at all. However, although the lights were bright it seem to be emanating from inside the craft outward through 2 very large flat panels on the bottom. One panel was green and the other was red. I could clearly see the 4 corners of each panels yet, I could make out the shape of the craft. My wife mean while was attempting to get video via her phone, but was unable saying ” I know that I am doing this right, but it won’t work!” I then attempted to capture video and I’d hit the record button and it still wouldn’t work. This was all with 1 minute of us seeing the lights. I ran back into our condo and where I was sitting picked up my notepad in an attempt to capture video, then calling my son to join us outside to see the lights. I was back outside on the patio within 20 seconds joined by my son who had been in his room playing video games. Hearing the commotion my daughter ran out to the patio also and joined us. I then attempted to use my video on my note pad and it again refused to take video. The lights were still in the same place as before. To give a time frame from the time were first saw the lights 2 to 3 minutes had passed. After struggling to get video and pictures with my wife’s phone and my note pad we placed them on the table on the patio and suddenly the lights moved 30 feet to the left from where it was hovering. NO plane or helicopter could have moved that fast and stopped to a hovering position. Not to mention there was still no sound at all. After another 20 seconds the craft/lights began to slowly move in an easterly direction over our lake towards the condos directly across from ours. Then suddenly from a slow moving pace, it quickly glided all the way the other side as if it was a hockey puck on ice coming to an immediate stop and descended like an elevator losing sight of it to the condos across the lake. My son said ” it’s gone dad” and I responded saying if it went down it has to come back up. Oddly enough, in the area it descended there is another large lake. In less than 30 seconds we observed the lights rise above the condos again to a hovering position. Then it glided back toward our condo moving so effortlessly across the night sky losing sight of it once and for all. My wife and I discussed what we had seen. She stated, ” I’m glad you saw this with me because you would have never believed it!”. I responded back saying “you are absolutely right!” I have never believed in extraterrestrial beings and I’m not sure that I still do. However, because of what our family experienced on October 14, 2013 I will forever believe in UFO’s. I mentioned to my wife the next day, “we couldn’t have been the only one’s to have witnessed this?” We have never asked any neighbors for obvious reasons and have waited this long to report it because we have been uncomfortable going public. We made the decision together to file a report of what transpired that evening for the record. Thank you for allowing us to do so here.

Response of Witness to Investigator Questions (sent sketch): My apologies. I am not much of an artist, but here is what we observed on the night of October 14, 2013. The picture is what we saw as we looked up. There were 2 very clear panel outlines with 1 panel shining a “bright” green light and the other red. The lights were shining from the inside out allowing us to see the corners of each panel. Due to the brightness of the lights if they were on the outside of the craft we would have never been have been able to draw the 2 panels. Again, thank you for allowing us to share this with you.

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