October 14, 2013 – Vancouver, Washington – 3:23 PM PDT

Description: I was laying on my floor downstairs getting ready to take a nap. I was looking through my sliding glass door upwards where there is a very clear view of the sky and it was clear (Oct 14, 2013) when I thought of an article saying this guy could make UFO’s appear or do stuff so I was wondering if I could do that. I thought can any aliens bring a UFO into my line of sight so I can see one and I was waiting for something thinking nothing would happen. Nothing like this has happened to me so after sometime I was going to roll over when I saw a very bright flash twice. It was small at first then became brighter. It was so bright it hurt my eyes a little. My sighting was around 3:23 PM. Then I saw it fly away. It was white small like a pea and was flying very fast (mere seconds). I had to stand up really quickly to catch it before it went behind a tree.

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