October 15, 2012 – Santa Monica, California – 9:45 PM PDT



[map z=”5″ address=”Entrada Dr., Santa Monica, CA” w=”550″ h=”300″ marker=”yes” maptype=”HYBRID”]

Description: The witness called about 24 hours after his sighting. He said that he was walking on the beach and noticed some strange looking lights reflecting off of the clouds. The lights seemed to get closer and alternated between a blue and “see through” white color. The witness said that the lights resembled jelly fish. The witness saw the lights for up to 30 minutes. Then he felt an electrical sensation and claims that he actually was lifted up by an invisible force and carried off of the beach. He bears some scratches on the top of his feet as he was carried up the stairs. Somehow he lost his two cell phones in the experience. He was carried near his car and then drove off. He returned about 90 minutes later and found his two cell phones on the beach. He said that he was not drinking or using drugs. At my request the witness took a photo of the damage to his feet and sent it. (See photo above.)

Note: This is one of Ripley’s “Believe it Not” stories. I talked to the witness and he seemed to convinced that these events happened. A check of weather conditions at Santa Monica at the time of the sighting indicated that skies were clear. Perhaps there could have been some low clouds near the beach out over the ocean not detected at the weather station?

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3 Responses to October 15, 2012 – Santa Monica, California – 9:45 PM PDT

  1. Veronica says:

    Ithink you’re right Barb G.
    He could have probably been stoned and imagined the jelly fish because he was on the beach. Pot has weird effects on the brain and often people see, imaginary things, feel like their floating, and leave things behind. They also tend to act silly. He could have came up with this sighting as a silly idea.

  2. Barb G says:

    From the looks of those feet he has a bad fungus problem with all of his toe nails. I don’t know how he got scratched up, but I doubt if a “force” had anything to do with it. More than likely he fell down stumbling around in the dark drunk or potted up.

  3. Steve says:

    This is a strange story. I would speculate that if you are on a beach at night, whether wading in water and getting stung by a jelly (drinking during event) or actually seeing lights from the sky reminiscent of a jelly fish style UFO and your feet getting burned I would further test the environment.

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