October 16, 2003 – Easton, Pennsylvania – 6:45 PM EDT


Description: As I was parking on the street in front of my house, I saw a light which I thought was an airplane or helicopter. After turning off the car, I got out and looked up and saw that the light was hovering silently and shining right in my face. I stared for a few seconds, and then the light moved off, and I could see that it was coming from the front of a triangular or perhaps boomerang-shaped craft. It was dark at the time, making size and shape difficult to tell. It was maybe 100 feet off the ground, and at least large enough to hold several passengers. It seemed to simply disappear after only a few seconds. (At the very least I lost total track of it.) Several people on a balcony a few houses up saw it too. I personally know of no aircraft of that shape and size that can hover without sound and apparently just disappear.

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