October 16, 2009 – Leesburg, Alabama – 2:30 PM CDT

View Animated Video Created by Witness That Depicts His Sighting (YouTube):



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Description: On an early afternoon trip toward Ft. Payne, AL, I was passing through the Leesburg, a pretty rural area, when I caught site of an object speeding across the sky. It was a white pod-shaped craft moving northward at a high rate of speed. I rolled down my windows and could hear no sound. Granted, it was a pretty good distance away, possibly a mile, but even a small plane ( which it was moving too fast for) would emit sound at that distance. I just remember thinking that it made such a smooth, direct, silent path across the crisp blue sky before disappearing into some low cloud cover. I watched the sky as I drove, the rest of the afternoon. I could not get the image out of my mind. I am very familiar with aircraft of all types. This was something different. It seemed almost egg-shaped…a pod. It had no wings, no fins or projections of any kind. Even with a camera in the seat next to me, it happened so quickly, I didn’t have time to photograph it. Some months later,
I made an attempt to construct an animated video that closely represents what I saw, just so I could show people what I saw that day. I have attached that clip with this report. And then, finally, just today, I found a video on youtube that looks very much like what I saw that afternoon. It is found under “Crystal clear UFO sighting April 22 2012”. I don’t know if that image is real or fabricated. (It looks real to me.) But that is almost exactly what I saw (given that in my case, the craft was traveling the same direction as I was moving, and here, the plane was moving in the opposite direction, which would cause the craft to appear to be moving faster). I would love to find other video clips that show a similar craft that I might compare my sighting with.

Note: This “depicted video” looks to be a daylight sighting of a meteor. The trail and appearance supports this explanation.

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4 Responses to October 16, 2009 – Leesburg, Alabama – 2:30 PM CDT

  1. Steve says:

    If the object was moving across the sky and not losing altitude in a downward angle, then I would say that it is not a meteor. I too have seen an egg or football shaped object with a very blinding bright light comming from it (no sound). It was about 2000 feet up and about a block away. Watched it for 20 to 30 seconds before two jets intersected it and I lost sight of it. I see a lot of unexplained (UFO) aerial stuff here in Haltom City (Fort Worth, Texas).

    Keep your eyes up.

  2. Joel Small says:

    To this witness in Alabama I say ‘Welcome to the club!’ I and around ten other people had just such a sighting in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay area in 1968. It was in the afternoon when one of the ball players I was coaching called my attention to an egg-shaped object that was moving over ther bay about a half-mile out. It was flat white and moving about as fast as a small plane. It had no surface features, no wings, tail, nothing. It moved by quietly, and then another identical object followed the same path about a mile behind it. It was kind of like watching a couple of large Volkswagons fly by, and they were in our view for at least two minutes. Perhaps our ‘Friend in Alabama’ saw the same sort of object!

  3. Jack L. Metcalfe says:

    This is likely a daylight fireball (meteor) sighting.

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