October 16, 2013 – Sumner, Washington – 8 PM PDT

Description: I am thankful I did as my daughters and another witness and I saw an almost EXACT duplicate of what you describe. Since it matches so equally, I cannot
add much different than to say it had been dark about 2 hours, it was about
8 PM (PDT). We were late leaving a park and I was laying on the ground looking
up at the sky. I was the first to notice one.  Then I called my daughter’s
attention to it when we realized there were more than one. I realized we
were not looking at aircraft (as there were some that passed by and were
clearly craft  with 3 lights, one white, one blue, one red with the standard
aircraft blink pattern and those were at correct altitudes).  I also
differentiated what we were seeing from stars or satellites. It was the
abrupt movements, change in direction and the solo light at such a high
altitude. The eeriest thing about this was when they would stop in the sky, then
move in a different direction. They were then definitely NOT any kind of
balloon, lantern, rocket, etc. There were light clouds that I am guessing
were around 30 to 40 thousand foot ceiling, but there were spaces in between (like we
could watch the moon for much of the time and used this to judge the speed
of the cloud movement against what we were observing happening). We went home
and retrieved two additional witnesses. Then we returned to the park with a
telescope. We were unable to get it into the telescope view. However, the
witnesses also confirmed what we were seeing. It is now 1:35 AM on the 17th,  and I cannot view anything from my vantage point now as I am at home and there is too much light, fog and clouds.

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