October 16, 2014 – Between Hilliard and Callahan, FL – 6:10 AM EDT

Description: I saw what looked EXACTLY like an jumbo jet with sharp angled wings, with a light shining ahead on the front. The object had red and white flashing lights. It was 2 treetops high. It was dark outside, but the object was well lit. I thought that it was a new radio tower as it was stationary over an dairy farm turned mining operation. When I was beside it I could not see the “tower structure”. I pulled off the road and exited my vehicle. I watched for approximately 30 seconds as it was not moving. Then it very slowly and without sound moved across the highway and headed southeast.It was approximately 200 yards away from where it was stationary. I was going hunting that morning so all I had was my bow. I never a camera with when I need one. I don’t need to be believed because now I know. I wouldn’t report it, but it’s been bugging me.

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