October 17, 2013 – Between Burleson & Crowley, Texas – 6:45 PM CDT

Description: While driving on Highway 1187 between Crowley and Burleson, Texas headed west I noticed a small rainbow of color coming from a spot in the sky. Above that was a large beam of light that came from nowhere it seemed. I thought it was the sun until I saw that the sun was directly to the right of me. I then saw a large ball of light come from the rainbow of color. It was bright so I put on my sun glasses and saw that it looked almost like the orange orbs in the Silverdale, Washington photos on Oct. 13th. Only it was more transparent. When I would take off my sun glasses it would look like a bright white yellow light. It moved slowly to the right then was directly in front of me exactly the same height in the sky as the sun! I was very scared as I didn’t want to keep driving toward it so I stopped in the street and saw that the person in the next lane braked too. It then faded away and the light just kind of disappeared into the sky as if the blue sky folded into it .

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