October 19, 2013 – Laois, Ireland – 3:06 PM Local Time



Description: In September 2013, I took a picture of a rainbow near my home, while driving. I live in Portlaoise, CO. Laois, Republic of Ireland. I only saw the rainbow at the time. When I uploaded the pictures to my PC, I was amazed to see much more than just a rainbow in the frame. I did show the pictures to a friend, and also sent a copy to the Irish Astrology society, but neither my friend, nor the society, saw anything strange. I am wondering if I am the only one who sees a huge very distinguishable twin decked craft, and also two bright spots to the top right hand side of one picture. The craft is partially hidden in the cloud, but is definitely not caused by atmospherics or any trick. It is a real picture.

Note: The witness stated that the photos were taken in September of 2013. Metadata with the photo files indicates that the date was October 19, 2013. (This is assuming that the date was correctly set in the camera.)

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2 Responses to October 19, 2013 – Laois, Ireland – 3:06 PM Local Time

  1. Joel Wesley Small says:

    Mr. Puckett, did you mean to attach this previous photo of a skyline building with the four vertical orb-like lights to the side of it, as this belongs to another sighting that you thought that these vague orbs might be reflections off of that sunlit skyscraper? I don’t see any rainbow or anything like what’s being described in the report. Sorry about that!

    • Administrator says:


      I don’t understand why that photo showed up in this report. It has been deleted from the system. I caught it right away and made the correction. Be sure to refresh your browser when reading the report so the correct photo shows up.

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