October 21, 2014 – 20 Mi West of Hamilton, TX – 6 to 10 PM CDT

Description: I have been watching these lights since 2008. Most of the time they start in mid October and run as long as until April. I have seen them every year since then except I did not see them last year. I saw 23 of them on October 21 and 10 tonight Oct 23. These lights are orange, red and white in color. Sometimes they appear as single upwards to 15. They are almost always side by side. They come on only for a few seconds and then go off. These lights are accompanied by several small white blinking lights moving at a high rate of speed in no set pattern. Sometimes there is jet airplane noise. I have seen as many over 20 of these lights at one time. I have scene a few other different lights, but mostly what I have described above. I have several family family members and friends that have seen these lights also. Feel free to call me I can explain better.

Note: The Marfa, Texas lights are well known and frequently seen. To my knowledge the Marfa lights have never been explained. Hamilton is about 400 miles East-Northeast of Marfa so I don’t know if the lights that this witness is seeing are related?

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  1. Ronnie Hoggatt says:

    I gave the report on the Hamilton lights. I have seen the Marfa lights, and I can tell you they are not like the lights that I saw.

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