October 29, 2013 – Portland, Oregon – Between 7 PM & Midnight PDT

Description: Every night starting around 7:00 to around midnight I see a small craft with two or three lights fly over my brother’s duplex in SE Portland (off Foster) in formation, one after another, not making any noise, and slowly lower behind the two large trees behind the house across the street. They seem to change into small white blinking circles with a bright light in the center. They sometimes disappear in front of my eyes, and can reappear. They look like orbs to me, but I am really not sure what they are. This has been going on for weeks, and I feel like they play hide and seek, because they hide behind the branches and slowly come out and go back and forth. I know this sounds crazy or paranoid, but my mother and my brother have witnessed them as well. I just want to know what they are because I feel like they are spying on me. There are more and more every night. I do not see them during the day, but they definitely show up at night when it gets dark. Sometimes they will fly around the trees and go back and forth between the two. They will also get really bright like a huge star and then go dim or disappear before my eyes. I am wondering if any other people are seeing these lights in this area too?

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2 Responses to October 29, 2013 – Portland, Oregon – Between 7 PM & Midnight PDT

  1. ufo sighter says:

    I saw many UFOs flying in Portland on Sunday, November 3 around 7 PM. They were orange color lights. I thought they were airplanes, but I heard no noise. There were many of them in a line. The they would disappear. Any ideas out there?

  2. chuck says:

    As predictable and regular as the observer is stating, why no pictures? Zoom lensed cameras are readily available and very cheap to purchase.

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