October 7, 2013 – Denver, Colorado – 4:30 PM MDT

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The above radar map shows the track of an object that is moving southeast at speeds of around 25 to 50 MPH. (The radar showed that object made one sharp deviation from it’s course moving westerly at 112 MPH and then back to the southeast at 38 MPH.) The map is near the time that the photos were taken of the object. The witness said that the object was moving to the southeast which is consistent with the radar map. The radar site (near Gilchrest, Colorado) is located about 30 miles to the north. This means that any objects tracked would be airborne and not traffic or other ground objects that can be detected near the radar. Assuming that the object was half way up in the sky (45 degrees) means the object would have been at an altitude of around 7,500 feet above ground. A few minutes later (around 4:30 PM) radar shows that an object was picked up and was moving in a SE trajectory. There is no proof that this “second group of returns” represent the same object, but given the witness report and photos it could be the same object. This second radar track is not shown in this report.

Description: The witness called the morning after his sighting. He stated that was out with his dogs and looking up at the sky while relaxing at a park. He saw a white object moving slowly Southeast. The object continued on it’s trek for several minutes. The witness took several photos with his Nikon Coolpix L100 camera. An animation of his photos is shown above. Skies were totally clear at the time of the sighting. Denver International Airport is only a few miles to the Northeast of where the witness saw the object.

Note: In some of the photos the witness zoomed in on the orb with his camera. A check or winds aloft and surface winds showed that winds were from the Southeast at the surface and were from the South to Southeast up to about 4,500 feet where they veered to the West. Winds were quite light at these levels. Winds were from the West at 7,500 feet and increased to about 30 MPH at 15,000 feet. Given this information the object was not drifting with the wind if it was at around 7,500 feet as indicated by radar and an object drifting with the wind would not have made a sharp turn with an abrupt change in velocity. The object WAS NOT A WEATHER BALLOON. The weather balloon (00:00 GMT run) would not have been launched until 6 PM MDT. This object was sighted only a few miles from Denver Airport and would have been located in controlled airspace. Class B airspace (closest to the airport) is from the surface to 12,000 feet within 10 nautical miles of Denver Airport. Radar shows that the object was in this area. Unfortunately the witness has not responded to follow-up questions so some assumptions have been made in this analysis. (For example it was assumed that the object was near an angle of 45 degrees above the horizon.)

Update – Dec 22, 2013 – Photo Analysis by David Mason: I examined the photos and the one thing I can add is that the depth of field confirms it to be a distant object relative to the tree branches. You can see from the various photos when the object is in near focus the branches are out of focus, and when the branches are focused the object is blurred. This does not seem like a hoax as the photos don’t appear to be staged. The object also lacks definition wherein most hoaxes seem to show inexplicable detail. We can’t call it a genuine UFO, but it can’t be explained at this point.

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