Odd Orange Glowing Ball Pulsates in Bush.

Location of Sighting: Idaho Falls, Idaho
Date of Sighting: June or July, 2016
Time of Sighting: Near Dusk.

Description: That is amazing and I am so relieved to know that I am not the only one. My sighting happened during June or July last year, 2016. It was in the evening and just starting to get dark when I stepped out the back door of my apartments to smoke. I saw on odd orange glowing ball sitting, or floating in a bush, in my backyard. It was about 75 feet away. I was shocked and curious and just stared. It’s orange light was pulsating up and down. In my mind I was cheering it on to get brighter and it did everytime for at least 15 minutes. I share a backyard with neighbors and the young man came out the door next to me with a bag of garbage. The dumpster is right buy where the glowing orb sat GLOWING. He saw it and I watched him slowly walk towards it. It was like a movie and I just sat there. He got about 10 feet from it, dropped the bag of garbage, and ran like hell back to his apartment. This is the crazy part, the orange ball shrugged like it was disappointed, seemed to have some kind of face, hopped on the brick fence, than down. And that was the last time I saw it. It had a total feel of intelligence and I could not get that out of my head for months! It was an amazing thing to see and it definitely knew I was there cheering it on to glow brighter. Thanks for listening and just, WOW.

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