Orange Ball of Light With Lighter Halo Changes Shape Like Parachute.

Location of Sighting: Strongsville, Ohio
Date of Sighting: June 16, 2018
Time of Sighting: 9:55 PM EDT



Description: I was leaving work on a quiet night when in the southwestern sky, I saw an orange ball of light with a lighter orange halo that changed shape as a parachute might. It was approximately the height of an airplane or slightly lower. It moved up in altitude smoothly for approximately 1 minute, then moved back down, then up and out of my view after a total of 5 minutes. My impression was that it looked like a hot air balloon (?), a weather balloon (?), a hobby balloon or drone (?).

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2 Responses to Orange Ball of Light With Lighter Halo Changes Shape Like Parachute.

  1. Observer says:

    How about a “Chinese Lantern”?

    • Administrator says:

      If you will note at the bottom of the report I categorized the sighting as a possible Chinese Lantern.

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