Orange-Brown Man-Mode Boxy Object of Assembled Components.

Location of Sighting: Menahga, Minnesota
Date of Sighting: July 5, 2019
Time of Sighting: 11 PM CDT

Description: I saw something similar. At around 11 PM July 5, 2019 I was outside at a beer garden during a small town mid-summer celebration in- Menahga Minnesota (Central MN). I noticed a lady looking up towards the north so I looked up also. Overhead, I saw this orangish brown object that appeared to be a man made boxy object of assembled components passing overhead. It definitely was not space rock or an asteroid floating by. My first thought was “is that the space station?” It passed overhead completely silently, exactly north to south since I was next to Highway 71 for reference. I am a private pilot and engineer and enjoy watching planes fly overhead. This was no plane, had no beacon lights required at night by aircraft, made no sound and was way too big to be the space station which is only a tiny speck when visible. Thinking back I now suspect the orange color was due to the setting sun shining through the atmosphere as it was partially lit from underneath. It did not emit it’s own light. The object must have been quite high to still be in sunlight an hour after sunset, which also means it had to be quite big. If you were to hold your hand over your head and open your hand wide (9 inches for me) shows how large it appeared. The lady that saw it took a few steps following it as it passed overhead. I regret not asking her “did you see that!”. The beer garden continued on noisily and I brushed it off as being some low orbit circumpolar satellite until years later. I was bored today so went online to see if there were any similar sighting reports from 7/5/19. This was the closest I could find.

Note: The witness is referring to the sighting of an orange glowing object seen flying in a straight line. This sighting was in East Grand Forks, MN on Nov 1, 2020.

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