Orange Cigar Shaped Object With Wings.

Location of Sighting: Wallace, Idaho
Date of Sighting: June & July, 2018
Time of Sighting: 9 PM to 4 AM PDT Each Night.

Description: There has been constant sightings almost every night in Wallace, Idaho. The UFO comes to the top of the pine trees all night long. It is orange and shaped like a cigar with wings. I have been seeing it for over 2 months now and my neighbors have seen it multiple times too. It is high in the sky for hours, then descends down to the trees. It is motionless and was changing shape, but it stopped doing that now. We are very curios as to what this UFO wants because it looks like it is going to land on my road which is Nine Mile Road in Wallace.

Please come and see it. Every day at exactly 4:00 AM when it is barely light it disappears like clockwork and comes back each night. Please advise or help us because it is was scary for us here. Thank you.

Note: It is difficult to say what the witnesses have been seeing. Perhaps it could be a high altitude balloon or one of the new Google balloons which are used to deliver high speed internet?

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