Orange Orbs Aligned – Night Sky.

Location of Sighting: Girdwood, Alaska
Date of Sighting: January 1, 2017
Time of Sighting: 10:38 PM Local Time



Description: I saw orange orbs at 10:38 PM on 1-1-17 in Girdwood, Alaska 99587.  I watched from Hightower road and Stumpy’s Way  towards the east. The weather was clear without any wind. They looked to be hovering over a mountain.  At first, one looked on top, another near the middle and third towards the bottom.  

I thought someone sent out a few Chinese lanterns and think that stayed in my head. But still it didn’t seem right. The more I thought it just didn’t make sense. They stayed too aligned.  Thought maybe the pressure was keeping them lined up because of how still the weather was, but how they were spaced apart and were not really moving was suggestive that were not Chinese Lanterns.

The glow was steady and intense, but not bright. I unfortunately stopped filming thinking they were not showing up and my battery was almost done.

The brightness on my phone needed to be turned way up. They were not going in and out like they are in the video. After the video, I walked towards my place and trees blocked the view, but I could still see them.  The kids went inside. I petted the neighbors’ dog, looked up and couldn’t see them. I walked back to the end of the driveway and they were gone.

Note: The orbs were not visible on the two video clips sent by the witness. This is not unusual as objects have to be very bright to show up on convention cameras. (In this case a cellphone camera was used.)

Update – Jan 11, 2017: The witness sent some enhanced still images which show the “aligned orange orbs.” (One of images is posted above.)

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  1. Karen says:

    I saw something similar except they looked metallic gold. There were five of them (two large and three smaller round objects). I couldn’t judge the size. They were hovering above my apartment building and seemed to be bobbing because it was very windy that night in November, 2016. I thought maybe I was hallucinating because my eyes were very tired. One by one they would disappear until there were two large ones left. I realized I wasn’t hallucinating when one of them suddenly shot up into the sky so fast that it left a little tail behind it! I became very excited after this sighting and wished I had taken a picture or video! But like you mentioned, I don’t think they would have come out on my smart phone because they weren’t glowing like lights. They were shiny metallic gold like balls.

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