Orange Pulsing Ball Disintegrates, Spreads, Dissolves.

Location of Sighting: Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Date of Sighting: September 2, 2017
Time of Sighting: 8:40 PM EDT

Description: I saw an orange pulsing ball the size of your little fingernail on your extended hand. It was moving at 2 degrees azimuth/second south to north, over the Atlantic ocean. the concentrated pulsing ball began to disintegrate, spread and dissolve slightly after 28 to 30 seconds, the heading changed from 355 to 070, the elevation decreased, and the light then extinguished.

I am a 30 year military aviator. I have seen lots of aircraft, missiles. rockets, cannon fire, chaff, flares (air launched flares burn for 2 minutes reddish/white while swinging from a parachute). They drift in formation when serially launched, and seem to wink on/off because of parabolic swing angle presentation. They are OFTEN mistaken for (ALIENS – NOT!), and target lasing, etc. This one was new to me. Please note: I don’t believe it was ET. My tinfoil hat is off.

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