Orange Yellow Colored Objects Move NE High in Sky.

Location of Sighting: Hickory Hills, Illinois
Date of Sighting: July 4, 2016
Time of Sighting: 9:30 PM CDT

Center map

Description: I was in my backyard watching a fire in my fireplace and listening to July 4th fireworks when (9:30 PM CDT) my eyes caught a brightly lit (non flashing) single orange yellow colored object moving (in a straight line at Approximately 45 degrees from my line of sight) SW to NE approximately at a very high altitude over the city of Chicago, or just south of it. I first spotted it due south of my position from first sighting and then due SE, E and NW from Hickory Hills, IL as it maintained it’s course, SW to NE. It covered the full distance within a minute and a half. Now since I am sometimes in the flight path for Midway, depending on weather and approaches, and am well versed on what day or night flights look like, this was distinctively NOT a lower flying airliner or aircraft headed toward Midway or one cueing up for Ohare airport. I know that green/red are the standard flight markings and did not see either color, nor did I see this light flickering. I cannot confirm what the altitude was (too dark), but it looked quite high (possibly 15,000 to 20,000 feet, but not sure) for this area and position. Five minutes later I saw a second object, same size, course and coloring, which mimicked the first object. Neither deviated or turned off course. It was moving at the same speed and distance across the sky. Neither object emitted any type of following trail behind it. If I had to guess, it was moving very quickly at a higher altitude. The second one disappeared a little more than halfway through the track (or due East of my position) of the first one. I don’t know if that was due to cloud cover or not. Sorry I took no photos. I did know it was so weird that I went back in the house in 15 minutes, logged into google and searched for bright yellow orange lights over Chicago. That is how I found your site. If I had to guess, I would say that both objects were really moving fast. They were moving much faster than a high flying airplane or helicopter. There was no noise at all. I would not expect any at that estimated height. It was not fireworks. Please let me know what I may have been looking at. This was weird stuff. Thanks. Good luck.

Note: A check of weather showed that a few clouds were measured at 1,000 feet and skies were mostly cloudy at 6,000 feet. Therefore the objects could have been lost in the clouds. Perhaps the objects were ascending?

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