Oval Shaped Object Makes Strange Maneuvers, Flies Upward.

Location of Sighting: Newton, Abbot, Devon, United Kingdom
Date of Sighting: May 5, 2020
Time of Sighting: 7:05 PM Local Time


Description: I was outside in the back garden sky watching and I was looking around the sky for anything out of the ordinary when I spotted an object off to the east that was very high up in the sky. As I watched the object I was trying to figure out what it could be, but I was unable to determine what exactly it was because it had no visible means of propulsion. The only thing I could see was that the object was oval shaped and as I followed the object across the sky while looking through the viewfinder of my P900 camera it suddenly changed direction and flew in among some wispy clouds. I quickly took a photograph of it and watched as the oval shaped object performed some strange maneuvers before it flew up into the atmosphere and disappeared from view. When I Looked at the photograph I could see that I had once again successfully managed to capture another unidentified object that had been flying around the sky with impunity high above the town and the unsuspecting public below. The Pentagon as recently acknowledge that unidentified objects are a reality and I believe that it is time for the British government to come forward and publicly acknowledge the presence of these strange unidentified objects in the sky above the United Kingdom. The Photograph was taken at 7:32 PM on the ‎5th of ‎May ‎2020, ‎at Newton Abbot Devon England.

Note: This witness has seen and taken photos of several strange flying objects. He lives near a coast. One wonders if these objects are coming out of the water. He definitely lives in a “UFO hot spot.”

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