Pale Yellow-Orange Non-Blinking Light Brightens, Dims & Vanishes.

Location of Sighting: New Bloomfield, Missouri
Date of Sighting: July 6, 2018
Time of Sighting: 12 AM CDT

Description: I was in the backyard while the dogs were doing their nighttime business, and I saw a pale yellow/orange colored light just like I had seen a few nights previously. It also not blinking like you would expect from an airplane. It was coming in my direction from the West Ashland direction. It had to be ten miles off at least, but as it came closer, the light flared bright for two or three seconds and then went dim in a snap and just disappeared. It was roughly where you see Venus in the sky at sunrise/sunset. I know it wasn’t Venus because Venus isn’t visible at that time of night.

Note: The description sounds like an Iridium flare satellite. However, a check of the website didn’t show any visible iridium flares at midnight. An Iridium flare was visible much later at 11:17 PM on July 6. Also Iridium satellites would not be of yellow or orange color.

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