Peach Colored Line Shaped Object.

Location of Sighting: Beaverton, Ontario, Canada
Date of Sighting: August 8, 2019
Time of Sighting: 8:45 PM EDT

Description: It was crazy on Thursday August 8th at around 8:45 PM in Beaverton, ON I saw a peach colored line shaped flying object in the sky and every time I tried to capture it with my camera it completely vanished. It lasted less than 2 minutes and then disappeared. I thought I was nuts until I was telling my mom about it and she told me about the story she heard on YouTube today so I looked it up and I read it. A woman from Iowa that saw the same thing at 9:30 PM basically on the other side of the world. It gave me the chills.! I added the website of her story and the photo she took and it’s exactly what I saw. Its crazy!

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