Photo Taken of Bright Stationary Object in NE Sky.

Location of Sighting: Taylorsville, Utah (Salt Lake City Area)
Date of Sighting: November 14, 2016
Time of Sighting: 7:10 PM MST (Object Had Been Visible for 1 hour at this time.)



Description: A man had been viewing a bright object in the northeastern sky for about one hour when he reported his sighting. He took photos with a cellphone camera attached to his telescope. The object was much better than surrounding stars. (See one photo displayed above.) The object was stationary and the witness said that at times multiple red lights would be around object. The witness stated that he had seen the object on other occasions.

Response of Witness to Questions: Yes, all photos were taken with a cell phone and an 8″ mirror telescope except for the one in 2013. I would like to contact some local investigator when I see things if possible.

Note: No stars or planets of the brightness seen in the witness photos were present in the northeastern sky. A local investigator was immediately contacted in the Salt Lake City area to view the sky. I have not yet heard from the investigator. Updates will be posted.

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9 Responses to Photo Taken of Bright Stationary Object in NE Sky.

  1. marvo says:

    I’m seeing an object in the east sky every night. It is not a planet, I’m sure of that. It appears to be an unnatural object. I live in NW Ohio, 10 miles or so south of Toledo, out in the country.

  2. Damon F says:

    The last couple weeks I have seen an object as described above. I have seen it multiple nights, from nine PM to as late as 5 AM. It does not move, with the exception of one night, in which in moved maybe 5 to 10 degrees north over the course of several hours. Tonight I saw it around nine PM, and I just went out side at 4:40 AM, and it has not budged an inch. I gauge it’s location relative to the crosshairs of a telephone pole and line, always the same place with the exception of the one night. Still, it was visible all night long. I have looked at it with binoculars, it appears somewhat irregularly shaped, with both white and red appearing simultaneously. It does not flash, but seems more to pulse. It seems at fairly low altitude, but I can’t say for sure. I live in Indiana. It appears east by northeast, probably about 20 to 25 degrees above the horizon.

    • Damon F says:

      I also live in a high light pollution area where a relatively small number of stars are visible. Yet I have seen this object in the exact same location over the entire duration of night on at least five nights since I took notice of it. At first I thought it was a satellite until I realized geosynchronous satellites are too far away to be visible with the naked eye, let alone in low visibility. I would also think if one were visible from Indiana, it would appear due south rather than slightly north. This is probably the second brightest object in the sky besides the moon.

  3. Jennifer Krise says:

    We are still seeing this BRIGHT light. It is the same one that this article is talking about. Through a telescope it looks like the appearance that a golf ball has. It really looks LOW? About it being a planet: We have been watching it for months.

    Cambridge, Ohio

  4. john says:

    I live in Taiwan and I am seeing the same object. It looks like it’s coming towards the earth as it is getting brighter. At 7 PM until the earth rotates it goes out of view at 9 PM. That’s why I do think it’s heading in our direction. I have been watching this object for 4 days. Now I find it every time in the same time zone. If you look for Orion’s belt, you should be able to find it.

  5. Rachel Vaughans says:

    I have been seeing this same object for months. It is the same as the one pictured here. It is bright, stationary and sometimes it will have red light. It stays for an hour and leaves. My siting was on Jan 8th, 2017

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