Photos Taken Bright Strange Shaped Object Near Military Aircraft.

Location of Sighting: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date of Sighting: May 15, 2017
Time of Sighting: 2:15 PM PST

View Animation of Photos of Bright Object (YouTube):



Description: At 2:16 on May 15 2017, the sky was partly cloudy. I was taking pictures of the Jets at Nellis AFB coming in from an exercise. In all there were about 22 planes. About plane 18, I was looking North Down Las Vegas Blvd which is directly adjacent to Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Out of the clouds comes this light. What ever it was, I continued to shoot and shoot, because it was dodging in and out of clouds so I was shooting blind. I managed to get 10 shots off before it just disappeared. On the last frame it moved so fast, I barely got it in the frame, and than it just vanished. It was almost as if It was observing the airplanes landings. The planes run north parallel to the runway, do a sharp 180 and fly south for the landing. It was in good viewing point. It might have been watching the entire sequence of planes. I was happy to get what I got. My elapse time was probably 30 seconds. On my file record it did not click over one minute. When I blew up the images to 200 percent it looked like a Goldfish Cracker. It was weird. I don’t have the best equipment for this type of work. Perhaps you can help. How do I send 10 images to you?

More Information Provided by Witness: Ok here is the last picture. See how far it traveled. I was shooting just as fast as my Sony A350 let me. The time time between shots was almost the same. I just can’t get my digital meter to read in seconds. It only shows me at what minute I took the images. Good luck. Perhaps what ever this object was observing the landing and thought it was all over and came back from behind the clouds. Who knows?

Note: Enlargement (see edited photo above) reveals an irregularly shaped object. I don’t have any reason to believe that the object is bird or balloon. The witness saw the object and thought it was unusual and that it appeared to be observing the Nellis AFB jets landing at Las Vegas Airport. The first photo in the animation shows one of the jets landing.

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