Photo Taken Into Sun Reveals Circular Object.

Location of Sighting: Wasilla, Alaska
Date of Sighting: May 1, 2019
Time of Sighting: 3:46 PM Local Time


Description: I captured a UFO. I’m in Alaska. My capture is a series of 5 photos showing a round craft flying in and around thin towards the Sun.. You will need to zoom in on all photos and the object is located at 12 o’clock on pictures. Enjoy.

Don’t forget you will have to zoom in on pictures as the craft was very far away for my cheap phone camera. Then on picture 5 look close around the Sun you’ll see that the craft moved closer towards the Sun.

We live in Wasilla. I know that you will the right thing with those pictures. I have them put through the ringer.

Note: The orb in the photos is not a real object. The object is a lens flare as a consequence of taking the photos into the Sun.

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