Photo Taken of Blue Orb Near Moon.

Location of Sighting: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Date of Sighting: August 29, 2015
Time of Sighting: 10:30 to 11 PM EDT



Description: I searched net for “blue orb by moon” and found many pictures from all over that looked exactly the same, but in different locations around moon.

Note: It is suspected (not known) that the witness found the light in a photo, but did not see it. For this reason it is likely that the blue orb is a lens flare due to reflection of the bright moon off of the camera lens. The moon was full on August 29, 2015.

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3 Responses to Photo Taken of Blue Orb Near Moon.

  1. G from Jamaica says:

    I saw this same blue light near the moon. I live in Kingston, Jamaica, it was back in 2013 and it was around 9 at night. I’m so glad I stumbled across these post because back then I was wondering if I was going crazy. The orb is bright blue and is almost oval in shape. It was like it knew I saw it. I didn’t want to take my eyes off it. I am not sure what I was seeing. As I stretched to touch my friend to show him, it went woosh upwards. I didn’t want to say anything to my friend cause I didn’t want him to think I was crazy, so I stood there wondering what I saw. I said to myself was it a shooting star, “but shooting stars don’t hover,” and it would be coming towards earth, not like it was leaving. Damn it kind of weird knowing aliens might actually be out there. It makes you question life, religion, everything. It is totally weird!

  2. R from Chicago says:

    I too, saw the blue orb last night in Chicago. I could see the orb without my camera on my iPhone. It moved very erratically. (Maybe like a hummingbird at times but much, much faster.) The orb could easily dart from in from of the moon to the horizon line, then back again. My eye followed the orb, so I know it wasn’t a spot in my eye.

  3. Cindy S. says:

    My husband and I both witnessed a blue orb bouncing around the full moon last night. We saw it with our naked eye. Both of us filmed it on 2 different phones. We got the same exact result. Please explain that?

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