Photo Taken of Pink “Moon-Like” Object.

Location of Sighting: Gadsden, Alabama
Date of Sighting: March 20, 2018 (The date is suspect)
Time of Sighting: Between 11:30 PM and Midnight



Description: The witness called and said that he had taken several photos of a pink “moon-like” object in his backyard. He stated that he also has taken other photos and videos of UFO’s. He did not offer any information on details of his sighting of the “moon-like” object.

Note: The file nomenclature from the cell phone photo suggested that the date of photo was Mar 20. However, this is suspect as perhaps the date may have been set wrong on the cell phone or the number on the file name may have represented something else. Also all of EXIF data was removed in the file transfer process. (Photo was sent via cell phone text.) Also the photo appears to show clear skies. Actual weather observations show a cloudy night with cloud bases at 1,700 feet on March 20, 2018. This casts further doubt on the “suggested” date of the photo. The moon was only 11% illuminated on March 20, 2018. Given that the date of the photo is highly suspect I believe that the witness took a photo of the moon.

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