Pilot Who Flew Barack Obama in 2008 Campaign Saw UFO.

Andy Danzinger is a pilot who talks about his encounter with a huge white disk shaped object that “morphed” into a large red ball. The encounter happened in 1989 on a flight from Kansas City, Missouri to Waterloo, Iowa. Danzinger was first officer on the flight and was seated on the right hand side of the aircraft. He was flying a commuter airline turboprop. The disk shaped UFO was seen when they reached their cruising altitude of 15,000 feet. Danzinger was recently interviewed on Fox News.
The video clip of the interview can be viewed below:

Update – May 17, 2015: A well respected retired air traffic controller writes:

Thanks, this is interesting. In his original (or at least earlier) statement – an article in the NY Daily News – Danzinger twice stated that the moon was full:

‘the full moon that shone through the captain’s-side window at our left…’ ‘There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Only the full moon remained off to our left.’
This made me wonder about the reliability of his memory after 26 years, because on April 10, 1989 the moon was far from full. It was a thin waxing crescent (below).

But here in this May 16 TV interview he makes a point of saying that the moon was only a crescent.

Conceivably the Daily News misquoted him – although it is ostensibly his own article printed under his own name in a regular feature from ‘Captain Andy’. There has been no correction or update on the page since it first appeared on April 7

New York Daily News Article – April 7, 2015:

Captain Andy talks with the Daily News about the widely scrutinized 1996 explosion of TWA Flight 800.

People love to ask pilots questions. But my favorite, and certainly the most interesting, is “Have you ever seen a UFO while flying?”

The answer is yes. And here’s how it happened.

It was April 10, 1989 and early in my career. I was still a first officer at a regional airline. It was about 8 p.m. and we had just taken off from Kansas City International Airport bound for Waterloo, Iowa. It was a beautiful evening, with a full moon, clear skies and crisp early spring temperatures. The weather forecast for Waterloo was as nice, with clear skies and unlimited visibility.

After a short taxi and take-off, Air Traffic Control (ATC) cleared us to our cruise altitude of 15,000 feet. We established a Northeasterly heading, pointed strait at Waterloo, about 200 miles ahead. There were thin wispy clouds all around us, illuminated by the light of the full moon that shone through the captain’s-side window at our left. Despite the presence of these clearly visible wispy clouds everywhere, we weren’t flying through any of them. There was also a white disc dimly but clearly visible through those clouds just off to our right.

We flew on and I commented to Bruce, the captain, about this dimly visible disc. He said that he’d been watching the same thing since we had leveled off. It looked similar to the moon faintly visible though thin fog, except the two were visible at the same time on opposite sides of our cockpit. We looked down below for search lights, you know, the kind that’s sometimes used for aerial light displays or advertising at a car dealer, but there was no beam of light coming from the ground, no search light from an airport either. The captain and I had cumulatively spent many years flying and were accustomed to seeing — day and night — all manner of airplane, blimp, hot air balloon, satellite and bird. But neither of us had any idea what this disc could be.

We spent 20 to 30 minutes at our cruise altitude, all the while staring at this white disc dimly visible through some clouds that we somehow never seemed to fly through. Within about 40 miles of Waterloo, ATC confirmed the weather, still clear skies and unrestricted visibility at our destination as we began to descend. We got busy with our flying duties and for a short while, maybe for a minute, both of us had looked away from the disc, but when I looked up at it again I saw something that has been burned into my memory.

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