Plasma Ball Flies by Commercial Jet. Photo Taken.

Location of Sighting: Newton-Abbot-Devon, United Kingdom
Date of Sighting: July 31, 2018
Time of Sighting: 12:55 PM Local Time


Description: I was outside in the back garden sky watching when I spotted a passenger plane approaching. I always like to watch aircraft as they pass over the area as most of the UFOs that I have witnessed and photographed have been near or around aircraft. I was watching the passenger plane when all of a sudden I noticed a plasma ball UFO that was moving very fast through the air heading towards the plane. I had my Nikon P900 camera at the ready so I started to take photographs of the white plasma ball UFO as it flew right by the passenger plane before it then flew off into the distance. I managed to capture the plasma ball UFO in four photographs. The pilots must of had a good view of the white plasma ball UFO from the cockpit as it had past in front of them. I have witnessed many of these strange white plasma ball UFOs in the sky over the years and whatever they are they sure do like to fly in close proximity to aircraft. I only wish that more people would look up at the sky. There are great wonders to be seen if you have the time and patience to sky watch. The photographs were‏‎ taken‏‎ at 12:58 PM on the ‎31st of ‎July ‎2018 at Newton Abbot Devon England.

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1 Response to Plasma Ball Flies by Commercial Jet. Photo Taken.

  1. Melvin Harris says:

    Your observation is correct they are Plasma Base Entities called SCREENS. Their appearance up close is likened to a fibrous cotton ball. They can change shape and form.
    They mimic balloons in the air, they are highly intelligent and part of a collective conscious, where there is one there are others. They respond to danger like ants or bees, when disturbed by outside stimuli. They are very curious and will monitor and track anything man made that’s in the air. They spin horizontally on their axis as they move through the air with no resistance. They can stop on a dime at speeds exceeding many times the speed of sound. They are to humans as oil is to water. They don’t mix. They have the same attributes as the mystical character the JINN. They can change colors, modulating frequencies usually between white and yellow. Pilots often don’t see them in detail because they move too fast. Pilots usually see them as flashes of light. You are able to see and photograph them because you are observing them from a distance. When observing something that is moving from a distance, it will appear to be moving slower.

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