Procession of White Star-Like Objects Move SSE.

Location of Sighting: Roseburg, Oregon
Date of Sighting: April 16, 2020
Time of Sighting: 9 PM PDT

Description: I went out for a cigarette with my roommates approximately 9 PM PDT. We started seeing a procession of white, star-like objects moving from South to slightly East. They were bright enough to see from our street that has several street lamps. For the most part the movement was similar to a satellite. There were about 30 of them and they traveled by us until approximately 9:20 PM. I am pretty certain these are Starlink satellites for the most part because I looked up visible times for the location we are at, and the tracker indicated we would have been able to see them at 8:50 PM PDT (but only for 5 minutes based on the tracker). The odd thing was the outliers. We turned 180 degrees from where we could see the main procession of objects, and there were five or six similar objects moving from the opposite direction in a much more erratic way (i.e. not in an obvious line). One in particular was moving West to East with similar speed to the main group of objects, but then suddenly stopped and took a sharp trajectory change, sped up about 10 times and darted into the direction the other objects were headed. About that time we didn’t see anymore of the objects. The entire sighting lasted for about 15 to 20 minutes. I am most curious about the outlier that suddenly switched trajectory and sped up.

The satellite tracker online says we should be able to see the Starlink satellites again tonight at about 9:25 PM for approximately 6 minutes. We will view the sky tonight again to see if we have a similar experience.

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5 Responses to Procession of White Star-Like Objects Move SSE.

  1. says:

    I have seen almost the same exact thing here in Grant’s Pass, Oregon on the 17th, 16th and 12th of April 2020. The first night around nine PM I saw a shooting star that’s what got me looking up in the stars. Then I saw the first light, the second, the third and so on I stopped counting around 55 all about the same distance apart all traveling the same direction the same speed. So since then I have been paying attention to the stars around the same time and two nights ago witnessed a similar thing then last night it was a little different in that there were other multiple lights moving the same in different directions. I am very curious what to what they are.

  2. Elliitt says:

    Here in Vancouver, WA we saw similar lighted moving objects. They also moved not in a straight path of flight. They were smaller then the stars. They seemed to appear. There were dozens of them and they were not like any satellites I have ever seen. This all seemed to happen around 11:00 PM.

  3. Nicole M. says:

    My sighting was in Junction City Oregon. We watched the same exact thing. MUFON had reports of the same thing happening in Arizona, Hermiston Oregon, Wyoming & Montana at the same time. I would like to note that we were outside long after the large mass grouping went through. We counted 45. Five people sitting outside in total saw it. (Self included). Three others (family members) in Oregon were telephoned & confirmed sighting at their location.

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