Radar Analysis – UFO Sighting – Inwood, WV

FEB 3, 2015

Background: On Feb 3 a woman saw a triangular object flying in a circular pattern in the Inwood, WV area. She took photos and a video of the object. Click here to read the report. The witness’s mother said that she saw military jets in the area immediately after the time of the sighting. Long range and short range radar records were obtained to ascertain aircraft and possible UFO activity in the area.
View Animation at 5 Min Intervals of Long Radar Returns (YouTube):




This analysis pertains to the long range radar composite. The National Transportation Analysis Program (NTAP) is used to prepare this composite.

Preliminary analysis has shown possible military activity in the area at the time of the sighting and radar may have tracked a slow moving “UFO” moving to the Southeast. Radar detected an aircraft flying VFR in a circular pattern at around 200 MPH near Martinsburg, WV airport. The craft was flying at altitude of around 2,000 feet and appeared to in a “holding pattern.”
Another “stationary” craft was detected to the east-southeast of the witness location. This craft was using a beacon code of “7777” which is used by the military. I believe that this craft was the DARPA (Defense Advanced Projects Agency) radar blimp. This craft is flown out of Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD (87 miles to the East-Southeast) and is currently being tested. It generally flies at around 10,000 feet and is used to “fill holes” in areas devoid of good radar coverage or to supplement coverage.

The stationary craft detected by radar was flying a little over 3 miles south of Martinsburg Airport and 2.5 miles east-southeast of the witness location. It makes sense that the DARPA blimp would fly outside of the heavy traffic areas of the airport.

Another object was tracked moving to the east-southeast at about 60 MPH. No transponder information was received from this object. This object could have been a helicopter that had the transponder turned off. However, this is doubtful as it was in Class B airspace where transponders are required. In addition the witnesses did not hear a helicopter. Perhaps this could have been the triangular object observed and videotaped by witnesses?

The above video is an animation of aircraft and primary radar returns. The animation is in 5 minute intervals and goes from 7 PM to 8:15 PM EST. The above graphic is a map of all the radar returns detected from 7 PM to 8:15 PM EST.

2. Martinsburg, WV Approach Radar (SHORT RANGE) RECORDS:



The above graphic shows all aircraft returns detected by the Martinsburg Airport Approach radar.

The primary (aircraft with no transponders or unknown aircraft) were very concentrated and nearly impossible to interpret. The area of the UFO sighting was very close to the radar antenna so surface objects (motor vehicle traffic), weather returns and birds saturated the radar display. The longer range radar above was a better filter because most of the non-aircraft objects would not be visible. For this reason the long range radar was used to evaluate primary (possible UFO) returns.
The Martinsburg approach radar agrees with the long range radar in that it shows aircraft with a generic beacon code (probably military) flying in circles around Martinsburg Airport at low altitudes (at around 2,000 feet). The speed also agrees with ground speeds estimated at from 200 to 225 MPH.

The slow moving radar returns shown by long-range radar showed were not discernible on the short range radar because the returns were too close to the antenna and the radar scope was saturated with ground radars, weather returns, etc. For this reason the long range radar was relied upon to evaluate primary (possible) UFO returns. The radar detected one aircraft moving SE at about 470 MPH at an altitude of 8,000 feet. This aircraft passed right over the witness location. Another aircraft about 3 miles south of the witness was flying at 4,000 feet at a speed of 270 MPH to the SE. The long range radar showed a slow moving craft moving at about 60 MPH to the SE in this area. The local traffic radar also showed probable military craft flying in a circular pattern at low altitude near Martinsburg Airport. This detection was similar to the long range radar detection.

Summary: A witness saw a triangular craft flying in circles in Inwood, WV on the evening of February 3, 2015. Her mother said that she heard military jets in the area after the sighting. A look at long range and local approach (short range) radar returns showed a probable military presence in the area near Martinsburg Airport. However, data did not show military jets in pursuit. Long range radar also detected a slow moving “unknown” object moving to the SE at about 60 MPH. Long range radar also may have detected the DARPA (Defense Advanced Projects Agency) radar blimp about 3 miles to the south of the witness. This device is in the test phase and is used by Air Force to “fill in holes” to radar coverage. The blimp is launch from Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD.

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