Rainbows Lights Radiate Out From Bright Star-Like Object.

Location of Sighting: Decatur, Illinois
Date of Sighting: April 18, 2020
Time of Sighting: 10:30 PM CDT

Description: I was on the phone with my friend and went out to smoke on our deck. While doing so, my boyfriend comes out to join me and we both notice something bright in the sky. Automatically I just had a certain feeling about it that I couldn’t shake off, and as soon as I had pointed out how bright it was – that’s when the prism reflected rainbow lights started to spread away from the center. The middle part seemed like a star, and at first my boyfriend tried to reassure me it was just Venus, but again something about it was so enchanting. The colors exploding from it were red, blue, green and sometimes gold. Still on the phone with my friend, she’s listening to me as I’m muttering to myself and questioning what I was looking at. Then suddenly, it happens. I SAW IT MOVE, only faint at first but then it would scoot down, left, right, upwards. Every time it would move we would both gasp and stare in silence as this thing in the sky kept shining and moving. We both had started to notice we couldn’t directly focus on the light to figure out if it was a large bright light or smaller lights flying close to each other. There was a moment shortly after that a loud bang erupted close to me, it sounded like a loud clap of thunder but it wasn’t raining; and nothing else happened after that. My friend and I had stayed on the phone for about 30 minutes later, both still watching this, and then eventually we had noticed it suddenly seemed to be getting further and further away by the second. Eventually it faded completely out, and I went back inside to explain everything I had seen to my boyfriend.

Note: The witnesses were looking at the planet Venus.

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