Rectangular Object Size of Aircraft Carrier Hovers.

Location of Sighting: Rutland, Vermont
Date of Sighting: Mid 1980’s.

Description: Back in the mid 1980s my brother and I were hunting at Huntoons in Rutland, Vermont. An object the size of an aircraft carrier came down above us. It made no noise at all. It hovered for a few minutes right above us. We could see the bottom of it. We saw e giant rivets around all of the bottom. Lights were all around it. The rectangular object took up the whole sky. It was directly over us. Never in my life have I ever been so afraid. I think it was a mother ship. That is how big it was.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Who ever wrote this please get back to me. I know someone who was in the same field in the mid 80’s and saw the same thing. Email: I have been trying to also find the article for this story in the Rutland Herald’s microfilm.

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