Red Dot in Sky Moves, Blinks White, Disappears.

Location of Sighting: Paralimni, Cyprus
Date of Sighting: October 20, 2019
Time of Sighting: 10:08 PM Local Time

Center map


Description: I was standing in the garden and just watching the stars. I noticed a peculiar red dot in the sky and thought that it could be a planet, though I wondered why it was so red. Shortly after that the dot started blinking with period of a second and it lasted for a minute or more. After that it started moving slowly to the left and right and than (as I it was seemed to me) it moved back out and became more white then red. Then it blinked several times and disappeared. All the observations took place about 5 to 6 minutes.

Maybe it is not related to this, but several hours before this there was a thunderstorm.

Note: Venus was visible at the time of the sighting. Mars has a red color, but Venus does not. The photo blow-up doesn’t appear to be a planet, but the photo was of low resolution so the blowup may be of poor quality and not reflect the real shape of the object. Also the witness stated that the object moved and disappeared making the “Venus” explanation less likely.

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2 Responses to Red Dot in Sky Moves, Blinks White, Disappears.

  1. Kavya S. says:

    I noticed a mysterious red dot in the sky too, just a few minutes earlier. It was too bright, red and big to be Mars. Also, I checked and Mars is not visible from where I live. It is below the skyline. The dot disappeared a few seconds later as I gasped in disbelief.

  2. Rinat says:

    The object has a really strange shape in the approximation. It doesn’t look like a drone or anything like that.

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