Red, Green, Blue Lights Cycle & Flash Different Colors.

Location of Sighting: Eagle Creek, Oregon
Date of Sighting: March 19, 2018
Time of Sighting: 11:45 PM PDT

Description: I saw a ball of lights, red, green and blue. I spotted them at 11:45 tonight and they are still visible right now. They are moving very slowly north. I am in Eagle Creek and it’s hard to tell how large it is because it seems to be a long ways away to the east. The lights are possibly over Wilsonville area or maybe farther east. We live in Eagle creek, OR, 97022. The lights are cycling or flashing the different colors in a clear sky. After spotting it I looked at it through a very cheap telescope and the lights were extremely visible and very rapid.

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  1. Marc says:

    I saw the same lights and pattern you are describing on two occasions this month in Eugene, Or. On both occasions I observed the lights which appeared to be spinning in a red, blue, green pattern. They were just hovering too high for helicopters and too low for stars. I watched for several minutes and when I got distracted and convinced myself I was seeing star light I returned to the my house only to notice twenty minutes later that the light was gone. I will check out a telescope from the local library and see if I can see it up close. Luckily both times it was above two distinct trees on the property I can use as a point of reference to check if they were a trick of light or stars.

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