Red Lights Appear 3 to 5 Secs Vary in Intensity.

Location of Sighting: Tybee Island, Georgia
Date of Sighting: June 10, 2019
Time of Sighting: 9:45 PM EDT

Description: All tonight for about 30 minutes or so red lights appeared off Tybee island. They started about 9:45 PM. These lights would be variable in brightness and intensity. They would  appear at different levels  in the sky, mostly 1 at a time, but a few times there were 2 or 3. They would last about 3 to 5 seconds each. Some were bright and fiery red others were just like a red light.

It appeared to us to be around the star Ceres in the constellation Scorpion.  Our location is a few blocks off the southern tip of Tybee Island. I would say we were looking Southeast mostly.

They were pretty far away from us way out in the ocean. Much further then the channel markers that flash red and green and are located north off the pier. We did not hear any sounds nor did we see any reflection off the water.

We saw nothing on Facebook at the time, but myself and 3 other adults saw these very clearly.

Do you have an information on these lights?

Note: The description sounds like that the witnesses may have viewed Chinese Lanterns.

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